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This dollar counter machine comes with a digital display convenient for you to accurately see the total number of banknotes.
High counting speed with counterfeit money detection. Suitable for old & new Australian notes, even if mixed together

Automatic Money Counter | Australian Cash Counter | Money Note Counting Machine

Original price was: $349.Current price is: $299.


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  • This machine will count the old and new Australian notes, even if they are mixed together!
  • Automatically detects fake note with UV and magnets while counting.
  • Automatic start, stop and clearing
  • Fault self-checking function
  • Automatic cumulative function
  • Batch display


  • Counting Speed: >900 pieces/minute
  • Banknote Size: Maximum 90 mm x 185 mm, minimum 50 mm x 100 mm
  • Power Consumption: <80W
  • Counting Display: LCD Display
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Original price was: $349.Current price is: $299.

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Digital Display

This dollar counter machine comes with a digital display convenient for you to accurately see the total number of banknotes.

Counterfeit Money Detection

This note counting machine equiped with automatic detecting with UV and MG function while counting.

Suitable For Most Currency Notes

Amazing cash counting machine, Suit for most currency in different countries, especially suit for new and old edition AUD dollars.

High Counting Speed

The counterfeit bill detector is able to count up to 1000 notes per minute.

Fault Self Checking Function

This bill counter inserts with error self checking function, Free from worries
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How does the Automatic Money Counter simplify cash handling tasks?

The Automatic Money Counter streamlines cash management by accurately counting and detecting counterfeit bills, enhancing operational efficiency.

Are Automatic Money Counters suitable for various currencies?

Yes, Automatic Money Counters are designed to handle different currencies, making them versatile for various businesses.

What makes an Automatic Money Counter reliable for high-volume cash processing?

Its high-speed counting capability coupled with accuracy ensures quick and error-free processing, ideal for businesses with heavy cash flow.

How secure is an Automatic Money Counter in detecting counterfeit bills?

These counters incorporate advanced counterfeit detection mechanisms, like UV and magnetic sensors, to identify fake bills efficiently.

Can the Automatic Money Counter differentiate between denominations?

Yes, many models come equipped with features to sort and identify different bill denominations, streamlining cash handling further.

What industries benefit the most from using an Automatic Money Counter?

Retail, banking, casinos, and other cash-intensive businesses find great utility in using Automatic Money Counters for their daily operations.

How user-friendly are Automatic Money Counters for businesses?

They’re designed with intuitive interfaces, making them user-friendly and accessible for employees with minimal training.

Are Automatic Money Counters noisy during operation?

Most modern models operate quietly, ensuring minimal disruption in the workspace.

Can an Automatic Money Counter be used for both new and worn-out bills?

Yes, they’re capable of accurately counting both new and older bills without any significant issues.

How reliable are Automatic Money Counters in providing accurate totals?

These machines are engineered to provide precise and consistent counts, reducing human error in cash counting processes.

What distinguishes an Australian Cash Counter from other currency counters?

Australian Cash Counters are specifically calibrated to handle Australian currency, ensuring precise counting and authentication.

Are Australian Cash Counters adaptable to changes in currency designs or updates?

Yes, they’re designed to accommodate currency modifications, providing accurate counts regardless of design alterations.

Can an Australian Cash Counter handle mixed denominations of Australian dollars?

Many models offer the capability to count mixed denominations, making them versatile for different cash-handling needs.

How efficiently does an Australian Cash Counter process large volumes of cash?

These machines are optimized for rapid counting, reducing time spent on cash management tasks, even with substantial cash volumes.

What security features are integrated into an Australian Cash Counter?

They often include advanced counterfeit detection mechanisms, ensuring accurate counts and identifying fake bills.

Is maintenance required for Australian Cash Counters, and if so, how frequent?

Regular maintenance is recommended to sustain accuracy. However, the frequency depends on usage and the specific model.

Can an Australian Cash Counter handle polymer notes effectively?

Yes, many models are equipped to handle polymer notes efficiently, providing accurate counts and counterfeit detection.

How reliable are Australian Cash Counters for small businesses or retail stores?

They offer great reliability for small businesses, enhancing cash management efficiency and reducing errors in cash handling.

Are Australian Cash Counters user-friendly for businesses with multiple cashiers?

Yes, they are intuitive and straightforward, enabling easy operation for multiple users in a business setting.

Can an Australian Cash Counter sort different denominations into separate batches?

Yes, many models come with batch sorting functionalities, allowing the separation of various denominations into designated groups.

Streamlining Finances: Embracing the Efficiency of Automatic Money Counters

In the realm of financial management, precision and efficiency are paramount. Enter the Automatic Money Counter, a game-changer in the world of financial handling. Whether referred to as a Cash Counter or a Money Note Counting Machine, this innovative device offers accuracy and speed in counting cash, streamlining financial processes for businesses and individuals alike.

Understanding Automatic Money Counters:

Automatic Money Counters are sophisticated machines designed to count currency notes swiftly and accurately. They employ advanced technology and features to detect denominations, sort bills, and provide accurate counts, reducing human error and saving valuable time in cash handling.

Benefits of Cash Counters:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: These machines are equipped with sensors and mechanisms that ensure precise counting of currency notes, minimizing errors that may occur during manual counting.

  2. Time-Saving: Automatic Money Counters drastically reduce the time needed for counting large volumes of cash, allowing businesses to allocate time and resources more efficiently.

  3. Efficiency in Operations: By automating the counting process, these devices enhance overall operational efficiency and reduce the workload on staff members responsible for cash handling.

Features of Money Note Counting Machines:

  • Multi-Currency Support: Some models support counting and detecting multiple currencies, making them versatile for businesses dealing with international transactions.

  • Counterfeit Detection: Many Automatic Money Counters come equipped with counterfeit detection features, ensuring the authenticity of currency notes being processed.

  • Batch and Add Functions: These machines offer functionalities such as batch counting and adding, enabling users to group notes in specific quantities or add counts cumulatively.

Choosing the Right Automatic Money Counter:

Consider these factors when selecting a Cash Counter or Money Note Counting Machine:

  1. Volume and Speed: Assess the expected volume of cash transactions and choose a machine that can handle that volume efficiently without compromising accuracy.

  2. Detection Features: Determine if additional features like counterfeit detection or denomination recognition are essential for your specific cash handling needs.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: Opt for machines with intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use controls for seamless operation and minimal training requirements.


Automatic Money Counters, also known as Cash Counters or Money Note Counting Machines, are indispensable tools for businesses and individuals dealing with cash transactions. Their precision, efficiency, and advanced features not only streamline cash handling but also contribute to better financial management and accuracy.

Experience the efficiency and accuracy of Automatic Money Counters today, and simplify your cash handling processes with cutting-edge technology that ensures precision and saves time in financial operations!


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